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We make unique high-end handbags and accessories for pursuers of vibrancy in daily life. Zanicani strives to bring synergy to outwardly disparate motifs: the spectacular and the everyday, the elegance of traditional Chinese art and the audacity of the American spirit, the spunkiest designs and the most impeccable quality.

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Zani and Cani

We are young LA locals who met while roller skating on Venice Beach. We bonded over our experiences as second-generation Chinese American immigrants and found kinship in expressing our individuality through art and fashion.

Before starting Zanicani Studio, Zani worked in manufacturing quality after studying studio art and mechanical engineering. Cani interned at bespoke fashion boutiques as a seamstress before pivoting to supply chain logistics.

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Seize your vibrant life

For Zani and Cani, young adulthood has been a journey of learning to seek vibrancy in the everyday. Skate, even if it’s been a really long day at work. Start a handbag business, even if your kitchen table is your new office.

The process of starting Zanicani Studio has added so much excitement and brightness to our lives. We hope that wearing our products can inspire some of those same feelings in you.

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Design influence

Each Zanicani collection features handbags and accessories with an audacious American spirit that draw inspiration from Chinese mythology. Our designs combine natural textures with youthful silhouettes. The thoughtful mix of brilliant colors and shapes fuses our nostalgia for childhood and ancient culture.

Our bags are luxurious, eye-catching, yet highly functional. Perfect for day or night, they effortlessly elevate any occasion.

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We strive to maintain a joy inspiring quality as we move to make our products available to more people, at a price that our friends can afford.

In order to do so, we work with craftsmen to get the construction, materials, and colors just right. We only work with factories that have been audited and certified by international standards in quality and ethical manufacturing. We're proud to collaborate with a network of small Chinese manufacturers and inspectors who uphold our quality standards.

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